News: Just published OUT OF SILENCE edited by Caridad Svich

New from Eyecorner Press:

 OUT OF SILENCE: Censorship in Theatre & Performance

(theatre, performance, criticism)


JUST RELEASED: February, 2012

ISBN: ISBN: 978-8792633149

This collection of essays on the subject of theatre and various forms of censorship gathers in an original and stimulating manner the voices of academics, practitioners and artist-scholars, among them Chantal Bilodeau, Stephen Bottoms, Marvin Carlson, Tim Crouch, Stephen J. Duncombe, Rinde Eckert, Randy Gener, Matthew Goulish, Baz Kershaw, Joanna Laurens, Carl Lavery, Christopher Shinn, and Aleks Sierz. Edited by playwright, scholar and activist Caridad Svich, Out of Silence is an impassioned volume that focuses not only on governmental censorship, but also on the self-censorship of theatre artists in the process of theatre-making and performance.
“This insightful book should be read by theatre practitioners and administrators, and especially by those who guide the future generations of theatre artists who hopefully will be able to help create a vital theatre.” – Ted Shank

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