Iphigenia Crash Land Falls on the Neon Shell That Was Once Her Heart (a rave fable)

  • Selected as finalist for the PEN USA 2005 Literary Awards for Drama.
  • Named one of Top Ten Theatre Events in Atlanta for 2004 (Creative Loafing),
  • Critics Choice in Denver Post.
    Winner of four LA Weekly Awards in Design.

Full-length. 1W (20s-30s), 1W (30s-50s), 3M (20s-30s), multiple roles. Fluid space.

This play hurls one of Greek tragedy’s most compelling sagas into a sleek netherworld of sex, drugs and trance music. Iphigenia is the daughter of a political celebrity who embraces sensuous excess with a transgendered glam rock star named Achilles in a desperate attempt to flee her inevitable fate.

“Iphigenia…a rave fable, through the use of videotaped and live streaming images, performs the mediated culture of simulacra of global capitalism, where the body, especially the female body, is objectified to the point that the boundaries between the “real” and the mediated are blurred.”
Lillian Manzor on Caridad Svich in Oxford Encyclopedia of Latinos and Latinas in the United States. Volume 1. (pp. 186)


  • Halcyon Theatre, Chicago, IL (2011) dir. Tony Adams
  • Salvage Vanguard Theatre, Austin TX (2009) dir. Jenny Larson
  • Arizona State University-Tempe (2008) dir. by Lance Gharavi
  • Son of Semele Ensemble, Los Angeles, CA (area premiere:2006) dir. by Matthew McCray
  • One Year Lease company, New York Sity, NY (area premiere:2006) dir. by Ianthe Demos
  • North Harris College, Texas, (2005) director:John Cash Carpenter
  • LIDA Project, CO (2004) dir. Brian Freeland
  • 7 Stages, GA (world premiere:2004) dir. Melissa Foulger
  • Actors Touring Company, UK at the Euripedes Festival, Greece (2000) *workshop. dir. Nick Philipou

Published in
Divine Fire: Eight Contemporary Plays Inspired by the Greeks,
ed. Caridad Svich, BackStage Books, NY (2005);
TheatreForum No. 25,
ed. John Rouse, University of California-Dept of Theatre and Dance, CA (Spring/Winter 2004),

Facebook Video link to Salvage Vanguard Theatre’s trailer of IPHIGENIA…A RAVE FABLE

Austin.com review of Iphigenia

Produced by Son of Semele Ensemble, directed by Matthew McCray and stars Doug Barry.

In Print About Iphigenia

“Of Both Worlds: Exploiting Rave Technologies in Caridad Svich’s Iphigenia”

by Lance Gharavi in Theatre Topics 18.2 (2008) 223-242.


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“Exploiting Rave Technologies in Caridad Svich’s Iphigenia,” by Lance Gharavi, Theatre Topics 18:2 (2008) pp 223-242.

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