Prodigal Kiss

Full-length play with songs. 1 W (30s-50s), 2M (20s-30s). Fluid Space.

A play with original songs that traces a young Cuban woman’s journey from the perilous Florida straits to various hidden corners of America. Both hallucination and dream, this play casts a lens on migration, longing and the often darkly humorous encounters of an exile on the road, caught between desire and faith.

  • Cuban Arts Festival reading, NY (2005) dir Jorge Cacheiro
  • Key West Theatre Festival, FL (1999)
  • Playlabs, the Playwrights’ Center, MN (1999) workshop dir Neel Keller
  • Mark Taper Forum Theatre New Work Festival, Los Angeles, CA (1998) dir Neel Keller

Published by Smith & Kraus in Best New Plays by New Playwrights 1999

“A hard-hitting yet lyrical and symbolic drama.” The Florida Sun-Sentinel.