“And now the delightful stuff. And there is much of it! First, the script (written by Caridad Svich). The philosophical ideas brought to light by this script were manifold. The concept that it is equally difficult to leave the world you know to fight on foreign soil, as it is to remain and fight for your life over here. The idea that fighting for survival can be immediate, or prolonged (firefights compared to crushing poverty).The knife’s edge that separates obligation and duty (doing something because you feel that you owe it to someone or doing it because you know that it’s right). These are all covered, and are all left up to the audience to explore. I love theater that makes you think!.”–Cyle Durkee, DC Metro Arts

“As an addition to the canon of dramatic works that grapple with war and politics, Spark is a triumph. With skillful performances and themes that resonate across both personal and political spheres, Theater Alliance’s season opener reminds us of the vital role art can play in reflecting the world as it is and can be. This world premiere production of Spark deftly marries the strains of conflict on the world stage and on the back porch—fighting for one’s country and fighting for one’s family.”–Jennifer Clements, DC Theatre Scene

SPARK is a play about three sisters living in the US caught in the mess of a recent war’s aftermath. It is about what happens when soldiers come home, when women of little economic means must find a way to make do and carry on, and the strength, ultimately, of family. A contemporary US story of faith, love, war, trauma, and a bit of healing.

Full-length in two acts. Cast: 3 women (1 late teens, 1 mid 20s, 1 30s), 2 men (1 30s, 1 late 40s). One central but slightly flexible location. Inclusive casting preferred. Running time: approx. 90 minutes.

Credits: SPARK was commissioned by Elaine Avila, Daniel Banks, Raymond Dooley, Amparo Garcia-Crow, Amy Gonzalez, Peter Lichtenfels, Charlotte Meehan, Christi Moore, Flor De Liz Perez, Marisel Polanco, Teresa Perez-Frangie, Otis Ramsey-Zoe, Claudio Raygoza, J.T.Rogers, Meghan Wolf and Tamilla Woodard.


Wake Forest University presents
by Caridad Svich
Directed by Sharon Andrews
September 23-October 2, 2016
Wake Forest University Department of Theatre and Dance
Winston-Salem, North Carolina


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