Trouble in Kind

Full-length in one act.

Running Time: approx. 90 minutes.
Cast: Seven roles (gender neutral).

I’m A, I’m a Nother and I’m a Nother Other live in a small town on the edge of the bayou. In the aftermath of a hate crime, they all seek to re-make their lives. It’s gonna take a ritual, a visiting deity and a ghostly encounter at the cross-roads to stir up the waters of progress once again. An incantation play for troubled times inflected with the timbre of tripped-out zydeco blues. This play is the 7th play of the AMERICAN PSALM seven-play cycle that began with RED BIKE.

Script History:
Roundtable reading at Primary Stages in New York City (May 2018); public reading at Simpatico Theatre in Philadelphia (June 2018) under Jose Aviles’ direction.

Developmental premiere with On the Verge Summer Repertory Theatre in Santa Barbara, California from August 3-5 and 10-12, 2018 under Josiah Davis’ direction.

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