Major Awards/Recognition:

2015 Source Festival (Washington D.C.) finalist

2013 National Latino Playwrights Award

2012 OBIE for Lifetime Achievement

2012 Edgerton Foundation New Play Award

2011 American Theatre Critics Association Primus Prize

2012 Finalist for the PEN Center USA Literary Award in Drama

2009 Lee Reynolds Award, League of Professional Theatre Women

2009 HOLA Award for Outstanding Achievement in Playwriting

2007 Whitfield Cook Award for New Writing

2004, Selected for inclusion Oxford Encyclopedia of Latino History

2003 National Latino Playwrights Award

2002-2003 Harvard University Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study Fellow

2002-2003 TCG/Pew Charitable Trust National Theatre Artist Residency

1997-1998 NEA/TCG Playwrights Residency

1994 Rosenthal New Play Prize

Publications – Plays

12 Ophelias (a play with broken songs), NoPassport Press (2008), Performing the Here and Now: An Introduction to Contemporary Theater and Performance, edited by Chris Danowski, Kendall/Hunt Publishing, Iowa (2005); and in CallReview No. 2, ed. John Most, J.B. Pinker, Inc., NY (2004)

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Archipelago, StageReads LLC (August 2013)

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The Way of Water, StageReads LLC, NY (July 2012)

Publications (as editor and/or translator) –

Conducting a Life: Reflections on the Theatre of Maria Irene Fornes, ed. Caridad Svich and Maria Delgado, Smith & Kraus, NH (1999)

Divine Fire: Eight Contemporary Plays Inspired by the Greeks, ed. Caridad Svich, Back Stage Books (an imprint of Watson-Guptill), NY (2005)

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Trans-Global Readings: Crossing Theatrical Boundaries, conversations on media, culture, language and performance, ed. Caridad Svich, Manchester University Press, UK/Palgrave Macmillan, USA (2004)

Plays Produced: selected listing

12 Ophelias (a play with broken songs)

Illinois Wesleyan University, IL (2014) dir. Dani Snyder-Young

TrapDoor Theatre, Chicago, IL (area premiere: 2009) dir. Kate Hendrickson

Woodshed Theatre Collective, NY @ McCarren Park Pool (professional premiere: 2008) dir. Teddy Bergman with music by The Jones Street Boys

Related articles on this play:

New York Times multimedia feature (audio/slide show) produced by Erik Piepenburg




Arizona Theatre Company Café Bohemia Series (reading: 2014) dir. Stephen Wrentmore

Ilkhom Theatre, Taskent, Uzbekistan (in Russian translation: reading 2014)

eSe Teatro @ A Contemporary Theatre, Seattle, WA (reading: 2014) dir. Rose Cano

Sankofa Theatre and Teatro Vista, Chicago, IL (reading: 2014) dir. Kristen Johnson

Cara Mia Theatre, Dallas, TX (reading: 2014) dir. Stephanie Cleghorn and Brad Hennigan


Alchemy of Desire/Dead-Man’s Blues (a play with songs)

{winner of 1994 Rosenthal New Play Prize}

Great Plains Theatre Conference, NE (2011) dir. Cindy Phaneuf

The Bug Theatre, CO (2003) dir. Donna Morrison

Hackney Empire Studio Theatre, London (1999) dir. Dina Elisa Ibrahim.

Frank Theatre, Minneapolis, MN (1997) dir. Wendy Knox

Northern Light Theatre International Play Festival, Alberta, Canada (1997)

Bridge Theatre, Miami, FL (1996)

Royal Court Theatre New American Play Festival, UK (1994) dir. Annie Castledine

Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, OH (world premiere: 1994) dir. Lisa Peterson


Any Place But Here

{videotaped for Billy Rose Theatre Collection, Lincoln Center Performing Arts Library, 1992}

Akuara Teatro, Miami, Florida (2014)

Traverse Theatre Reflecting Windows on the World, Edinburgh (1998) *workshop dir. Nicholas Bone

Theater for the New City, NY (1995) dir. Maria Irene Fornes

Latino Chicago Theatre, IL (1993) dir. Steve Pickering

INTAR Hispanic American Arts Center, NY (world premiere: 1992) dir. George Ferencz


Antigone Arkhe (part of Antigone Project)

{published in Antigone Project: A Play in Five Parts 2009)

The Women’s Project and Productions, NY (world premiere: 2004) dir. Annie Dorsen


Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter [based on the Mario Vargas Llosa novel]

Repertorio Espanol, NY (fall 2015) dir. Jose Zayas


The Booth Variations [multimedia piece, co-written with Todd Cerveris]

{fourth act published in Play A Journal of Play Volume 1, 2003}

Assembly Rooms (Wildman room), Edinburgh Festival/UK (2005) dir. Nick Philippou.

59 East 59th Street Theater, NY (premiere: 2004) dir. Nick Philippou


The Breath of Stars

Carthage College Department of Theatre, Kenosha, WI (commission/premiere: 2016) dir. Neil Scharnick



Signdance Collective International, UK (2014-5, workshops) dir. Beatriz Cabur


Fugitive Pieces (a play with songs)

{Finalist for 2001 PEN USA West Award in Drama. Nominated for Best New Play by Dallas Theatre League Leon Rabin Awards; listed as one of the Top Ten Theater Events in Dallas for the year 2000 by The Dallas Morning News}

Ex-pats Theatre Company, Chicago, IL (area premiere: 2012) dir. Mike Craft.

Salvage Vanguard Theatre, Austin, TX (revised text: 2002) dir. Jason Neulander

Cleveland Public theatre, OH (2001) dir. Karin Randoja

Kitchen Dog Theater, Dallas, TX (world premiere: 2000) dir. Dan Day



[2012 Edgerton Foundation New Play Award, finalist for the 2012 Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center Playwrights Conference]

Austin Community College-Rio Grande campus (2014) dir. Tomas Salas

Eastern New Mexico University, Portales, NM (2013) dir. Jon Barr

Miracle Theatre, Oregon (NNPN rolling world premiere: 2013) dir. Olga Sanchez

Phoenix Theatre, Indiana (NNPN rolling world premiere: 2013) dir. Bryan Fonseca

Borderlands Theatre, Arizona (NNPN world premiere: 2012) dir. Barclay Goldsmith


The House of the Spirits/La Casa de los Espiritus [based on the novel by Isabel Allende]

{winner of seven 2009 HOLA Awards including one for Outstanding Achievement in Playwriting, and 3 Latin ACE Awards}

Teatro Espressivo, Costa Rica (2015) dir. Jose Zayas

Teatro Lopez Tarso, Mexico City, Mexico (2014) dir. Artus Chavez.

Teatro Expressivo, Costa Rica (2014) dir. Jose Zayas

Webster University, St Louis, MO (2014) dir. Tamilla Woodard

Gala Hispanic Theatre, Washington D.C. (area premiere: 2013) dir. Jose Zayas

Vortex Theatre, NM (area premiere: 2011) dir. Valli Rivera

Mixed Blood Theatre, MN (area premiere, bilingual version 2010) dir. Marcela Lorca

Denver Theatre Center, CO (regional premiere, updated English version 2010) dir. Jose Zayas

Denver Theatre Center Colorado New Play Summit, CO (2010) *reading dir. Jose Zayas

Teatro Mori Parque Arauco, Santiago, Chile (Latin American premiere 2010) dir. Jose Zayas

Main Street Theatre, Houston, TX (area premiere, English language): 2009) dir. Rebecca Udden

Repertorio Espanol/Spanish Rep, NY (world premiere, Spanish language): 2009) dir. Jose Zayas


Iphigenia Crash Land Falls on the Neon Shell That Was Once Her Heart (a rave fable) [text with songs]

{Finalist for 2005 PEN USA West Award for Drama; listed as one of the Top Ten Theater Events in Atlanta for the year 2004 by Creative Loafing}

Delta Boys Theater Company, Chapel Hill, NC (2013) dir. Rajeev Rahendran

Halcyon Theatre, Chicago, IL (area premiere: February-March 2011) dir. Tony Adams

Salvage Vanguard Theatre, Austin, TX (area premiere: 2009) dir. Jenny Larson

Son of Semele Ensemble, Los Angeles, CA (area premiere: 2006) dir. Matthew McCray

One Year Lease company, New York City, NY (area premiere: 2006) dir. Ianthe Demos

LIDA Project, CO (2004) dir. Brian Freeland

7 Stages, GA (world premiere: 2004) dir. Melissa Foulger

Actors Touring Company, UK at the Euripides’ Festival, Greece (2000) *workshop. dir. Nick Philippou.


In the Time of the Butterflies/En el Tiempo de las Mariposas [based on the novel by Julia Alvarez]

4 X 4 Productions at Trasnocho Cultural, Caracas, Venezuela (2014) dir. Haydee Faverola

Two River Theatre and Big Read, Red Bank, NJ (reading: 2014) dir. Jose Zayas

San Diego Repertory Theatre, CA (English premiere: 2014) dir. Herbert Siguenza &Todd Salovey

Teatro Nagual, Sacramento, CA (2014) dir. Richard Falcon

Teatro Paraguas, Santa Fe, New Mexico (workshop production: 2013) dir. Nicole Phelps

Teatro Circular, Montevideo, Uruguay, S.A. (South American premiere: 2013) dir, Alicia Dogliotti

Mixed Blood Theatre, Minneapolis, MN (area premiere: 2013) dir. Jose Zayas

Repertorio Espanol, NY (premiere, Spanish language version: February 2011) dir. Jose Zayas


Instructions for Breathing

{Finalist for 2010 PEN USA Literary Award in Drama}

Passage Theatre, NJ (world premiere: 2009) dir. Daniella Topol


Jarman (all this maddening beauty)

(this text is a touring production of force/collision ensemble under the direction of John Moletress)

OUT in the Tropics Festival, Miami, FL (2015)

OUTsider Festival of Arts and Film, Austin, TX (2015)

Atlas Performing Arts Center, DC (2014)

Dance Space, DC (2014)

King’s College Arts and Humanities Festival, London, UK (2014)

Homotopia Festival, Unity Theatre, Liverpool, UK (2014)

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The Labyrinth of Desire [adapted and translated from Lope de Vega]

Fordham University Theatre Mainstage, NY (2014) dir. Jessi Hill

Moxie Theatre & SDSU, San Diego, CA (2010) dir. Delicia Turner-Sonnenberg & Peter Cirino

Milagro/Miracle Theater, Portland, OR (professional premiere: 2008) dir. Devon Allen


Love in the Time of Cholera [based on the novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez]

{Nominated for a 2013 Premio ACE/Latin ACE Award for Best Play}

Repertory Theatre of St. Louis Ignite Festival, MO (2013) dir. Jose Zayas

Repertorio Espanol, NY (premiere: Spanish language version: 2012) dir. Jose Zayas


Magnificent Waste

[Finalist for 2012 PEN Center USA Literary Award in Drama]

Factory 449 Theatre @ Flashpoint arts center, Washington DC (premiere: April 2011) dir. John Moletress


The Monster in the Garden [freely adapted & translated from Calderon de la Barca]

Theater-by-the-Grove, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, PA (2014) dir. Rick Kemp


Nobody’s Children

[2015 Source Festival finalist]

Capital Stage Playwrights Revolution Series, Sacramento, CA (2014)

Ensemble Studio Theatre Memberfest, NY, NY (reading: 2014) dir. Jose Zayas


The Orphan Sea

University of Missouri-Columbia Rhynsburger Theatre, MO (commission/premiere: 2014) dir. Kevin Brown


Prodigal Kiss [text with songs]

Key West Theatre Festival, FL (1999)

Playlabs, the Playwrights’ Center, MN (1999) workshop dir. Neel Keller

Mark Taper Forum Theatre New Work Festival, Los Angeles, CA (1998) dir. Neel Keller



[commissioned by Mark Wing-Davey, and NYU Graduate Acting Program]

[selected for the 2011 LoNYLa Lab project]

Actors Centre, London, (2011) *LoNyLareading dir. Rachel Parish

Paramount Studios, Los Angeles (2011) *LoNYLa reading dir. Sue Hamilton

Shubert Theatre, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU Graduate Acting Program, NY (2009) dir. Seret Scott

And University of San Francisco Performing Arts Dept, CA (2010) dir. Roberto Varea.



[winner of 2013 National Latino Playwriting Award & 2013 Todd McNerney Playwriting Award]

PYGmalion Productions, Salt Lake City, Utah (2014) dir. Fran Pruyn

Theatre Alliance, Washington D.C. (premiere: 2014) dir. Colin Hovde

Arizona Theatre Company, Café Bohemia Series, AZ (2013) reading

Piccolo Spoleto Festival, Charleston, SC (2013) *reading

Kitchen Dog Theater New Works Festival, TX (2013) * reading dir. Christie Vela

Bristol Riverside Theatre America Rising Series, PA (2013) * reading dir. Jose Zayas

And [32 readings in November 2012 in collaboration with NoPassport theatre alliance.] participating venues included:

Bump in the Road Theatre, Baltimore

Cherry Lane Theatre, New York City

Cummins Theatre (Western Australia)

Moxie Productions, Vermont

The Playwrights Center, Minneapolis

Profile Theatre, Oregon

Pygmalion Productions, Salt Lake City

Signdance Collective International, UK

Stages Rep, Houston, TX

Trap Door Theatre, Chicago

Tricklock Theatre, New Mexico

Working Title Productions, Atlanta


This Thing of Ours

Repertory Theatre of St. Louis Ignite Festival (2015) dir. Emily Mendelsohn


Thrush (a play with songs)

Salvage Vanguard Theatre, TX (world premiere: 2006) dir. Jenny Larson, music: Adam Sultan.


The Tropic of X

Single Carrot Theatre, Baltimore, MD (English-language premiere: 2013) dir. Nathan Cooper

ARTheater, Cologne, Germany (premiere, German-language translation: 2007) dir. Marcy Arlin


The Way of Water

Brandeis University, WA (2015) dir. Robert Walsh

Frank Theatre, Minneapolis, MN (workshop production: Sept 2012) dir.Wendy Knox

& [50 global readings from April 3-June 4, 2012 in collaboration with NoPassport theatre alliance.] participating venues included:

Alameda Theatre, Toronto, Canada

American Stage Theatre, St. Petersburg, FL

Atomic Age Theatre, Boston, MA

Cia de Matilde, Sao Paolo, Brasil

EAST LA REP, Los Angeles, CA

English Theatre Berlin, Germany

Ensemble Studio Theatre, NYC

Lookingglass Theatre, Chicago, IL

Main Street Theatre, Houston, TX

Off the Hyphen Theatre, Baton Rouge, LA

Opera del Espacio, Los Angeles

Pat the Dog Playwrights Centre and University of Waterloo, Canada

Pot of Thieves Theatre and Aberystwyth University, Wales

Rosemary Branch Theatre, London, UK

Teatro Paraguas, Santa Fe, NM

Vortex Theatre, Albuquerque, NM

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Caffeine Theatre, Chicago, IL (area premiere: March 2011) dir. Joanie Schultz

Crowded Fire, San Francisco, CA (world premiere: 2009) dir. Erin Gilley


Translations/Adaptations Produced or Presented

Absence [orig. author: Victor Rascon Banda]

Borderlands Theater, Arizona (premiere: 2015) dir. Eva Tessler & Victor Carpinteiro

Lark Play Development Center, US Mexico Exchange (2011) dir. Barclay Goldsmith


As Five Years Pass [original author: Federico Garcia Lorca]

Repertorio Espanol, NY (2011) dir. Rene Buch

INTAR Hispanic American Arts Center, NY (premiere: 1998) dir. Michael John Garces

Blood Wedding [orig. author: Federico Garcia Lorca]

Nortre Dame University, Indiana (2014) dir. Anton Juan

Ramapo College, NJ (2012) dir. TBA

Brooklyn College Dept of Theatre, NY (2003) dir. Peter Wallace

Deserts [orig. author: Hugo Alfredo Hinojosa]

Goodman Theatre Latino Theatre Festival (2010) dir. Julieanne Ehre

Dona Rosita, or the Language of Flowers [orig. author: Federico Garcia Lorca]

Caffeine Theatre, Chicago, IL (premiere: 2005) dir. Jennifer Shook


Havana Under the Sea [original author: Abilio Estevez]

INTAR Hispanic American Arts Center, NY (2003) dir. Max Ferra


The House of Bernarda Alba [orig. author: Federico Garcia Lorca]

The Pearl Theatre, NY (premiere: 2005) dir. Shep Sobel.


Huddersfield [US adaptation; orig. author: Ugljesa Sajtinac]

TUTA @ Victory Gardens Studio, Chicago, IL (US premiere: 2006) dir. dado


The Kings [ Julio Cortazar]

(originally commissed by The Art Party, Inc. NY)

The Internationalists’ Around the World in 24 Hours Festival, NY (2008) dir. Doug Howe

Love of Don Perlimplin for Belisa in the Garden [orig. author: Federico Garcia Lorca]

Yale Cabaret, Yale School of Drama, CT (2005) dir. May Adrales


Su Nombre Sera su Sombra Para Siempre [orig author: Carlos Murillo]

Repertorio Espanol, NYC (2014) dir. Jose Zayas


The Tip of the Iceberg [orig author Bea Carmina]

Halcyon Theatre Alcyone Festival, Chicago, IL (summer 2012) dir. Anneleise Moffit


Yerma [orig. author: Federico Garcia Lorca]

The Lark Play Development Center, NY (2008) *workshop dir. Kay Matschulat, composer: Liz Swados

HotInk Festival, New York University (2006) dir. Kay Matschullat, composer: Liz Swados


Other translations available: Garcia Lorca’s The Shoemaker’s Prodigious Wife, Dream of Life/Play without a title and The Public; Silvia Pelaez’s Fever 107 Degrees; Veronica Musalem’s Adela and Juana; Antonio Buero Vallejo’s The Story of a Staircase, and Teatro Buendia’s Charenton, and Alberto Castillo’s Severed Moon.

Other selected awards/grants/residencies

Matrix Theatre Commission, Detroit, Michigan (2015-16)

Working Theater Commission for Five Boroughs/One City project (2014-15)

Martin McCallum and Viracocha Productions Commission for book of musical Pachakuti (2014-2015)

Repertorio Espanol Adaptation Commission for Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter (2014-2015)

Repertorio Espanol Translation Commission for Your Name will Follow You Home (2014)

Carthage College Department of Theatre New Play Commission (2014-2016)

University of Missouri-Columbia Department of Theatre New Play Commission (2014)

Todd McNerney Playwriting Award, College of Charleston (2013)

Great Plains Theatre Conference, Featured Artist (2011)

Schomberg Scholar in Residence, Ramapo College, NJ (2011-2012)

Center Stage Theatre, Baltimore, MD, My America project, commission (2011-2012)

Northwestern University Press Translation Commission, Charenton (2011-2012)

JD Entertainment Translation Commission, The Queen Mother (2011)

Fulbright Senior Specialist in Theatre Candidate (2006-2010)

Hangar Theatre Playwright Residency for Kill to Eat (2010)

Martin E Segal Theatre Center Translation Commission for Spotlight Catalonia, Solavaya (2010)

YR2 New Play Commission, New York University Tisch School of the Arts, NY for Rift (2009)

Playwright-in-Residence, University of Missouri, Dept of Theatre (2009)

Marin Theatre Company Translation Commission, Spanish version of American Triage, CA (2007-2008)

SPARC New Voices for the Theatre Playwright in Residence, VA (2008)

New Dramatists, elected member, New York (2000-2007)

Women’s Playwright Festival, Seattle Repertory Theatre and Hedgebrook, WA (2007)

Open Meadows Foundation, NYSCA, and Airmid Theatre Translation Commission, NY for Spanish Golden Age text A little betrayal among friends (2005-2006)

William Inge Center for the Arts Playwright in Residence, KS with Tilt Heaven (2004)

Tribeca Film Institute All Access Open Stage Program for play Magnificent Waste, NY (2004)

Rhode Island Committee for the Humanities Scholar-in-Residence, Perishable Theatre, RI (2002-2003)

Jonathan R. Reynolds Playwright-in-Residence, Denison University, OH with Perdita Gracia and The Booth Variations (2002)

Playwright-in-Residence, Thurber House and Ohio State University, OH (2001)

Ensemble Studio Theatre/Alfred P. Sloan Science & Technology Project Commission for Calculating Genesis (2001)

Writer-in-Residence, Mark Taper Forum Theatre Latino Theatre Initiative (1999)

Playlabs, the Playwrights’ Center, MN, for Shelter, Alchemy of Desire/Dead-Man’s Blues, Away Down Dreaming and Prodigal Kiss (1991, 1993, 1995, 1999)

Playwriting Fellowship, Mark Taper Forum Theatre Latino Theatre Initiative for Pensacola (1996-97)

Royal Court Theatre Playwrights’ Exchange with ASK Theater Projects for Alchemy of Desire/Dead-Man’s Blues (1994)

PEW/National Theater Translation Fund Commission with Literary Managers & Dramaturgs of the Americas for The Story of a Staircase (1992)

Playwright-in-Residence, INTAR Hispanic American Arts Center, NY (1988-1992)

California Arts Council Playwriting Fellowship for Gleaning/Rebusca (1991)

South Coast Repertory Theatre Hispanic Playwrights’ Project, CA (1990)


Publications – essays, reviews, interviews (selected)

In Contemporary Theatre Review (Routledge, UK):

“A review of Alan Read’s Theatre in the Expanded Field,” Vo. 24. No. 4 (October 2014)

“Legacy and Re/volution,” Vol. 19, No. 3 (Fall 2009)

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In The Brooklyn Rail:

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Related Work

Founder and founding editor, NoPassport, Pan-American theatre alliance and press (ongoing)

Associate Editor, and Editor of BackPages, Contemporary Theatre Review theatre and performance journal, UK (ongoing)

Contributing Editor, TheatreForum, international theatre and performance journal, UC-San Diego (2004-ongoing)

Drama Editor, Asymptote literary translation journal, (ongoing)


Teaching/Lecturing Experience

Lecturer in Creative Writing & Playwriting, Dept of English, Rutgers-New Brunswick, NJ (2007-2015)

Playwriting Instructor, Einhorn School for the Performing Arts, NY (2010-2015)

ScriptWorks Playwriting Class, Austin, TX (2012, 2014)

Schomberg Scholar in Residence, Ramapo College, Dept of Theatre, NJ (2011-2012)

Visiting Lecturer- Playwriting, Theatre Dept., Barnard College, NY (2010)

Visiting Associate Professor of Playwriting, Theatre Dept, Bard College, NY (2008-2009)

Visiting Lecturer-Playwriting, University of Rochester, NY (2009)

SPARC New Voices in the Theatre Playwright in Residence, VA (2008)

Playwriting Instructor, Dept of Theatre Arts, Bennington College, VT (2006)

Playwriting Instructor, MFA Program in Theatre-Playwriting, University of California-San Diego (2005)

Playwriting Guest Lecture, Creative Writing for New Media, Northwestern University, IL (2006)

Keynote lecture sponsored by Routledge, Symposium on Post-Colonial Theatre, Royal Holloway, University of London UK (2005)

Quorum lecture and panel, Queen Mary, University of London UK (2005)

Playwriting Master Class, Teatro Delia Zapata, Ministry of Culture, Bogota, Colombia (2004)

Playwriting Instructor, Independence Community College/Inge Center for the Arts, KS (2004)

Playwriting Instructor, Playwrights-in-the-Schools program, Sedan High School, KS (2004)

Playwriting Workshop, University of Iowa Dept of Theatre (September 2003)

Playwriting Master Class, Towson University, MD (October 2002)

Playwriting Instructor, Denison University, OH (January-May 2002)

Playwriting Workshop, University of Texas-Austin, TX (February 2002)

Playwriting Master Class, East West Players, CA (August 2001)

Playwriting Master Class, Voice & Vision “Envision” Retreat at Bard College, NY ( July 2001)

Playwriting Instructor, Ohio State University Dept. of Theatre, Columbus, OH (January-March 2001)

Playwriting Master Class, Kenyon College, OH (February 2001)

Playwriting Instructor, US-Cuba Writers’ Conference, Havana, Cuba (January 2000)

Writers’ Project Coordinator/Instructor, Mark Taper Forum Theatre Latino Theatre Initiative (1998-99)

Playwriting Master Class, University of Maryland-Baltimore (1999)

Playwriting Workshop, Paines Plough Theatre, London, England (1998)

Playwriting Master Class, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland (1998)

Visiting Lecturer in Playwriting, 3rd Year MFA Class, Yale School of Drama, CT (1996)



Any Place But Here, video of INTAR production, Theatre on Film and Tape Archives, New York Public Library (Performing Arts) at Lincoln Center (1992)

Plays, production videotapes and papers on file:

ASK Theater Projects Play Collections, Los Angeles Public Library-Central Library

Women’s Drama, and Latina Literature collections, Alexander Street Press,

Lawrence & Lee Theatre Research Institute, Ohio State University, OH,

and Cuban Theater Archive, Svich collection, University of Miami, Florida


Bio-bibliography, Women Playwrights of Diversity, Greenwood Press (1997)



M.F.A. in Theatre-Playwriting, University of California, San Diego (1988)

B.F.A. in Theatre- Performing Arts, University of North Carolina, Charlotte (1985)


PEN American Center; New Dramatists, NY, The Dramatists Guild, Inc., The Playwrights’ Center, MN; Lark Play Development Center; League of Professional Theatre Women; National Theatre Conference; New Georges Affiliated Artist; Woodshed Collective Contributing Artist; References upon request.