The Hour of All Things and Other Plays

By Caridad Svich

With Introduction by Ian Rowlands

This book presents four plays by Caridad Svich that explore the rough waters of citizenship under the pressure of globalization and the threads of human connection—often tested, but never wholly severed—across multiple geographic landscapes. Featuring an introduction by Welsh playwright and director Ian Rowlands and essays by practitioners Zac Kline, Blair Baker, Neil Scharnick, Carla Melo, and Sherrine Azab, this wide-ranging, daring collection of plays refuses to pretend that the complex and thorny questions of existence are easily settled.

A Sense of Prayer in a Landscape of Catastrophe: The Plays of Caridad Svich
Ian Rowlands

Who Is It For? Practice, Spectatorship and the Body
Caridad Svich

Preacher in the Light: The Hour of all Things
Blair Baker and Zac Kline

The Hour of all Things
Caridad Svich

An Invitation to Dream: The Breath of Stars
Neil Kristian Scharnick

The Breath of Stars
Caridad Svich

We Are All Still Here: Re-Existing Upon the Fragile Shore
Carla Melo

Upon the Fragile Shore
Caridad Svich

An Aria for Detroit: agua de luna (psalms for the rouge)
Sherrine Azab

Agua de Luna (Psalms for the Rouge)
Caridad Svich

Notes on Contributors

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