WARISWAR (an online text-performance collaboration in response to the Iraq War)

  • conceived and edited by Caridad Svich
  • text by Alexander Barreto, Chris Danowski, Lyssa Holland, Jennifer Maisel, Glen Skip-Newell, Greg Romero, Caridad Svich, Ann Taylor, Timothy Verret and Michael Wright presented at Theaters Against War,
  • NY (August 2005)

Return to the Upright Position [online text collaboration in response to 9/11]

  • Athena Theater Group, Harvard University (2003) dir. Lisa DiFranza
  • Glasgow University Dept of Theatre (2002) dir. Stephen J. Bottoms
  • Brave New World, Town Hall, NY (2002) *excerpt presented.
  • Cherry Lane Alternative, NY (2002) dir. Allison Eve Zell
  • The Women’s Project, NY (2002) dir. Allison Eve Zell
  • Portland Stage Company, ME (2002) dir. Katerina Pinchin
  • Waging Peace Festival, Theater simple, Seattle, WA (2002) dir. Rachel Katz Carey
  • Perishable Theatre Textplosion Series, Providence, RI (2002) dir. Allison Eve Zell

Stations of Desire: Saints, Sinners & In-Between [online text collaboration]

  • New Georges Reading Series, NY (2000) dir. Elyse Singer, and Jessica Davis.
  • Perishable Theatre Textplosion Series, Providence, RI (2000) dir. Vanessa Gilbert
  • Theatre Double “Voices from Underground” Series, PA (2000) dir. Brad Rothbart
  • CollaborAction Theatre Reading Series, Chicago, IL (2000) dir. Amanda Delheimer
  • ReaLive Productions Reading Series, Denver, CO (2001, 2000)
  • Core Performance Manufactory Reading Series, Dallas, TX (2000)
  • Rm. 120 Productions Reading Series, Dallas, TX (2001, 2000)
  • Theatre in my Basement Reading Series, Minneapolis, MN (2000)
  • Bottom’s Dream and Sun & Moon Press Contemporary Drama Series in affiliation with
  • the RAT Conference (1999) dir. Mitchell Gossett, Jason Neulander, and Lee Wochner.